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Alongside our Business Phone System package, we also offer a selection of Phone System Software. These options are add-ons to your system to help make further improvements to the way your business communicates.

Call Recording gives you access to what is being said on every call both to and from your business, allowing you to improve performance, resolve disputes and clarify orders, all from the comfort of your own office.

How can Call Recording help your business?

Employee and customer service improvement

If you’ve ever heard an employee on the phone and wished you could play the call back to them, then Call Recording is the perfect application for your business. You can listen to each and every call, allowing you to further train your employees, whatever role they may be in.

Common uses include sales teams, customer support and maintenance departments, all of which can benefit greatly from being taught what to say in a given situation. Call Recording can help you get the best out of your employees.

Taking notes

Taking a phone call on someone else’s behalf is a common part of business life. You can now take the hassle out of note-taking thanks to Call Recording. Instead of passing a piece of paper to your colleague, you can now simply forward the call recording to their e-mail address, allowing them to take any necessary action.

Dispute resolution and protection

If you’re in a dispute with a supplier or a customer over what has been promised, Call Recording can be a perfect way to resolve the dispute. By listening back to the call you immediately know what has been said, removing any uncertainty.

Order confirmation

In a similar way to resolving disputes, using this software also means that you can ensure you get every phone order right, first time. Simply listen back to your sales calls to ensure the right products, in the right quantities, are placed into each order.

UK Call Recording Laws

To use the software legally, you must ensure that you are:

– Playing a message on your auto-attendant to inform the caller that calls are being recorded
– Putting a notice on your website to inform people of your call recording policy
– Putting a note in any e-mail footer informing them the calls are recorded

It might also be worth noting that FCA regulated companies must record their calls as standard practice to comply with their regulations.

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