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The cost of a new business phone system will depend on your requirements and what features you are looking for. At Rubix, we hope our savings in areas such as broadband, calls and lines can help fund a new state of the art HiHi phone system for your business.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which allows calls to be made and received digitally over an internet connection. Old technology (ISDN) is being phased out and will eventually be switched off, to be replaced by VoIP; a faster and more reliable technology. We recommend using the latest VoIP phones such as HiHi2, so you can take advantage of this state of the art technology.

We strongly recommend the HiHi VoIP phone system, so you can use all of the latest features it has to offer over other systems. HiHi also comes with video support as standard, meaning you can see the Support Team whenever you call, allowing a face-to-face explanation of how best to resolve any issues you may have with your phone system.

You should expect your business phone system to last up to 10 years. However, business phones tend to see technology upgrades every year or two which can be taken advantage of with Rubix Communications.

It is highly advisable for businesses to have a landline as this presents a greater number of possibilities for communication than a mobile connection. For example, software like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Call Recording and Call Reporting would all be possible with a landline but not on mobile.

This depends on the setup of your system. If you are planning to use telephone voice services over your internet connection (VoIP), it is advisable to have separate connections for your internet and phone use.

Yes. If you are a HiHi user, you have access to the mobile app, HiHi Connect. This app allows you to use your mobile phone as an extension of your HiHi2. When your deskphone rings, you can answer the call via the HiHi Connect app on your mobile, ensuring you are always available on-the-go or working remotely. Rest assured, your business number is displayed on phonecalls, keeping your mobile number private.

If you’re looking for a temporary redirect, you can do this on the HiHi2 deskphone. For a long-term solution, account-wide call forwarding can be activated to send your main number to a mobile phone or even a group of mobile phones.