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Alongside our Business Phone System package, we also offer a selection of Phone System Software. These options are add-ons to your system to help make further improvements to the way your business communicates.

Businesses across the UK use wallboards to display real-time information on the key parts of their business. This helps these companies to improve employee motivation and performance, whilst also keeping high visibility of targets.

What can you do with business wallboards?

Improve sales performance

If your business thrives on a competitive sales environment, then using wallboards to display live sales information can be a great way to improve performance. As an example; you could show who has completed the most deals, who has answered the most calls (if you’re in a call-based business) or perhaps how much revenue each person is responsible for. This can all help to improve overall performance.

Improve support and maintenance

Using wallboards in your support and maintenance team is a great way to highlight the most pressing or critical issues. You can show each support issues deadline, how long it has been active and who is currently handling it so that you know who to ask for each update. You can also improve performance of the team by showing who completes the most cases and who is answering the most support calls.

Track call centre performance

If your company operates either an inbound or outbound call centre, then wallboards are a great way to monitor performance, which is often crucial in these teams. They will help you to see who is making or taking the most calls, who is spending the most time on each call, over whichever period of time you deem appropriate.

Share company news

Having wallboards with rotating messages is a great way of keeping your teams informed of any information you wish to share. You might choose to display your latest financial performance, company-wide targets, or updates to an upcoming event. In short, wallboards allow you to get your message across to your entire company.

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