Dear Customer, 

As you may be aware, each year the telecoms industry increases its tariffs based on the prevailing RPI or CPI rates published by the Office for National Statistics in March and apply the changes in April each year. 

Having held off from any inflationary price rises for some time, alongside protecting our customers by not passing on cost related impact brought about through global economic challenges, 4Com have now reached a point whereby the inflationary price rises that have been applied to our own wholesale provision, leaves us with no choice but to increase our own tariffs. 

Your contract with 4Com provides for an annual increase to your monthly charges in line with prevailing RPI rates, however in order to limit our price increase as much as possible we will be applying an increase that is lower than either of the prevailing RPI & CPI rates published by the ONS. 
Therefore, from 1st June our pricing will be increasing by 9.9% in order that we may continue to invest in our networks, our products, and the additional services we provide to you. Your new pricing will be reflected in your invoice received on or around 19th June 2023. 

How much more will I pay? 
Below are examples of some of our current pricing to give an idea of how much extra you’ll pay following the price increase. 

Analogue Line Rental          £11.99 will increase to £13.17 per month.  
SIP Channel    £8.00 will increase to £8.79 per month. 
Fibre Broadband    £21.99 will increase to £24.16 per month.  

With our intended increase lower than most UK suppliers, 4Com will still retain a competitive edge across the range of services we provide to our customers. 
We’re always here to help, so if you have any questions about any of the above information, please get in touch by emailing

We wish to thank you for your understanding, and for your continued business. 

For and on behalf of 4Com Network Services Limited 
Dean Cartledge